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How to Obtain Plant Material

To establish a planting of a new Rutgers variety, growers must buy enough vines/plants to
plant a minimum of one acre.  The minimum initial purchase is required to assure that the grower has enough Mother Stock to maintain the genetic purity of the variety.

After the initial purchase, growers can propagate additional acres for their own use. IP, however, recommends that growers establish all beds from foundation level plant material. The grower will need to secure a Rutgers license and pay a royalty to Rutgers.


Foundation level, virus-indexed plant material is available in several forms:

  • Stolon bundles - stolons are neatly polarity bundled (buds aimed in the same direction), and labeled for recommended cutting length and sticking. Click here for picture.

  • Rooted cuttings in open flats — must be
    pulled apart before transplanting, but are usually the largest and least expensive rooted plants. 

  • Rooted cuttings in 96-count tapered cell
    — adaptable to commercial mechanical transplanters and easy to remove from trays.  Click here for picture.


All Integrity Propagation plant material is certified by the NJ Department of Agriculture (NJDA).
Please click here for NJDA Nursery Certificate and here for NJDA Letter on Virus Testing.
Image-Rooted cuttings shipped throughout US - Integrity Propagation

  • Stolon bundles are packaged to maintain 100% RH, and refrigerated until shipment throughout the US and Canada via temperature controlled trucks. Click here for picture.

  • Rooted cuttings can be shipped throughout
    the U.S.

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