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A DNA fingerprinting study of Washington State and Newfoundland ‘Stevens’: is ‘Stevens’ becoming more contaminated with off-types?

N. Vorsa, J. Johnson-Cicalese, Philip E. Marucci Center, Rutgers University, Chatsworth, NJ
K. Patten, Washington State University, Long Beach Research and Extension Unit, 2907 Pioneer Road, Long Beach WA
J. DeVerna, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. One Ocean Drive, Lakeville-Middleboro, MA

Washington State beds of Stevens have variable yields, with many having yields of less than 100 bbl/acre. A DNA fingerprinting study of 17 Stevens beds from Washington State was carried out in July 2008 using a sequence characterized amplified regions (SCAR) marker methodology.
The 17 Stevens’ beds ranged in productivity from 31 to 396 bbl/acre (2 year average) in productivity. For each bed, five areas across the bed were sampled by taking 5 uprights/runners
in a radius about a given point. Leaves from each subsample were bulked into one
sample, to give one DNA fingerprint. ... Click for more



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